2017 Summer Camp Video - Joy that Lasts All Year!

In 2017, SSEF sent 40 children to summer camp. Camp is a magical place where kids can experience nature, explore new pathways, make new friendships, learn across differences, build self-confidence and independence, and discover new skills--all while having a blast! These kinds of childhood learning experiences last a lifetime. Have a look--and be inspired! 

Thank you to our camp partners and our generous donors who make SSEF's Camp Program possible.  Thank you as well to Ellen Morgan for her beautiful photos. We also hope that the amazing singer, Elizabeth Mitchell, is ok with us featuring her song, "So Glad I'm Here" from her wonderful album, "You Are My Sunshine" in this slide show. She really has captured the joy that camp brings to SSEF's children. If you like this song, it is available for purchase on iTunes.